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Milk Maid Fishtail Braid


Step one: take a small (or large, depending what you like) portion of your hair just above your ear on the opposite side of your part.
Step two: braid that section of hair (regular or fish tail... I did a fishtail) secure with a clear elastic... or any other color, no one is really going to see it.
Step three: Bring that braid over to the other side of your head and pin it just above your ear, or below depending on how long your hair is.

TIPS:  If you part your hair in the middle, chose whatever side you want to start on. Also, if your hair is not long enough to reach the other side, do a braid on each side and have them overlap in the middle (pin with bobby pins of course) so it looks like one full braid!

Today is day nine with no sugar and I am going CRAZY!!
 Thank goodness for sugar free jello.
 Much love to all you readers! xo

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