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JB in PC

 So not to be obnoxious or anything but today there was this huge rumor that Justin Bieber was in Park City and that he was going to come to our school and talk to us about drugs (Obvs I don't need that talk...) but he never showed up! I knew that he was in Park City though for a huge ski thing this weekend. Then as soon as I picked Laura up from school, she told me that her friend said that JB was going to be at the Park City  Mountain area at 3:30 today. So naturally, me and Laura get dolled up to go see the man of our dreams. We randomly see this good looking kid doing the dougie on the outdoor skating arena. Then me and LOLO put two and two together and realized it was the biebs! I about died on the spot. I never thought he would actually be where someone said he would be. It was amazing. We just creepily watched him until they left. Then as they were walking away, Selena wraps her arms around him like "he is mine stay away" ok honey, obvs we just want our pic with him!! Then to really rub it in our faces, she jumps on his back! ugh. Then cute Jaden Smith with the rad dinosaur sweatshirt does the I love you sign with his hands out the window as they drove off. I was freaking out. Seriously love the Biebs!
Unfortunately the older guy with gray hair told us no pictures, so this is all we got :(

p.s. here is a link to a couple of my senior pictures... more to come.

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