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Today was one of those days where everything that was said, was so hilarious. My sisters and I were so hyper! I think it all started when me and Rae got hit on by a old creep in the grocery store. Haha we could not stop laughing after that (we were scared). We went to the park and played frisbee and did random trust falls. It was so warm out and it was such a great afternoon with the family.

We blew some bubbles in the park also.

Yesterday, we went to Zions National Park. We hiked to a way cool waterfall called Emerald Pools. We hiked behind the falls and it was so pretty! we also attempted Angels Landing (a 5 mile hike straight up a mountain), that one didn't work out. Maybe it will another time?
Rae, Lola, Kar

Behind the waterfall

The tall mountain is Angels Landing, the hike we attempted.

I love Spring Break! I don't want to go back to real life!

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